Elementz is an urban oasis of hope and a catalyst of change for Cincinnati’s inner-city youth. What began as a way to get kids off the streets in 2001 has transformed into a thriving Urban Arts Center that fosters talent, ignites potential and inspires possibilities. Elementz helps build dreams and brighter futures. Their Vision for Cincinnati’s inner-city youth is “to be a catalyst of transformation for children in the urban core, enabling them to find their artistic voice, engage in the community, learn to give back, and carve a path for a successful future”.

For another year, we are proud to partner with Elementz, a non-profit that works with children in an under served neighborhood in Cincinnati, Over-The-Rhine. Elementz provides after-school programs in areas such as music production, recording/beat making, street dance, poetry/spoken word, DJ-ing, and visual and street art. 

The membership for students aged 12-24 is $12 after a $20 initial fee. Often times, students in Over-The- Rhine struggle to fund their membership fees. Please consider working with your team to sponsor a student’s membership. 

To learn more about elementz, go to elementz.org or follow them on instagram @elementzhiphop. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community this year and strongly encourage & appreciate any support that your team can extend! 

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