Buckeye Fusion

Buckeye Fusion is the premier all girls competitive dance team at The Ohio State University. Established 12 years ago, OSU’s oldest Bollywood Fusion Dance team was created with the purpose of fusing many genres of dance to generate a style that is uniquely its own. 

Gator Adaa

​Adaa is an all-female fusion dance team that creatively blends cultures and backgrounds through dance. A few styles include Bharatnatyam, Hip Hop, Bhangra and more!  We don’t seek experienced dancers with advanced skills, but rather we seek diligent and dedicated hearts. Adaa is more than just a dance team; it is a group of strong, independent women sharing their vision and voice through the art of dance.

Georgia Saazish

A premier all-male Bollywood fusion dance team all the way from the Classic City. Building off their second year, Georgia Saazish strives to bring intensity, swagger, and fun onto the stage. 

GT Qurbani

Founded in 2006, Georgia Tech Qurbani is the premiere all-male Bollywood fusion dance team. Now in its 14th year, GT Qurbani has had the privilege of competing all over the country, having qualified for both the Legends Bollywood Dance Championship and Bollywood America in recent years. Q’s pillars of Legacy, Brotherhood, and Sacrifice inspire dancers to work their hardest, day and night, for their brothers and their supporters. And as always, clear eyes, full hearts.

OSU Genesis

OSU Genesis is Ohio’s premier all­ male Bollywood Fusion dance team. Established in 2009 at Ohio State University, the team competes nationally while also performing at exhibitions throughout the Greater Columbus area, with the goal of spreading awareness of Indian culture.

PSU Jadhoom

PSU JaDhoom is a co-ed Bollywood fusion dance team from the Pennsylvania State University and has been involved in the Desi dance network for over 10 years. JaDhoom has performed bollywood, classical, contemporary, hip-hop, and other dance styles on stage. They have worked extra hard this year to bring the audience a performance they won’t forget. The team can’t wait for the competition season to begin and they want to wish all teams in the circuit the best of luck! 

Temple Agni

Agni this year consists of 17 bold, beautiful and extremely talented young ladies. We are a spontaneous group of ladies that share a passion for dance and as a result created a sense of family. Through dancing we have learned to retain our Indian roots and exemplify its existence within each of our souls. We dance as one team…as one united flame…TEMPLE AGNI.

UTD Laksh

Laksh is the premiere coed Bollywood Fusion team from the University of Texas at Dallas. Two teams merged into one their motto is “Better Together”. Laksh has a mission to show and share their passion of dance with everyone. #lakalakashhh

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